Simple and reliable communication

Easily control the complex communications of a large sports organization. Forget about email, messaging apps and newsletters.
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Administrative and disciplinary communication

Sports bodies and competitions have internal administrative processes that require constant communication.

Announcements of registration and license processing periods, publication of calendars, changes in event dates, disciplinary complaints.

Read receipt (double check)

See when the recipient has read a message, like on WhatsApp.

A club or referee can't claim they didn't see a message. We certify the exact minute it has been read.

Save time and stress

The messaging and communication tool is automatically connected to the account of each club, staff member and athlete.

No need to enter information twice or remember phone numbers or email addresses. You can also search old messages.

We will help get you set up

We'll train all your administration staff, coaches and clubs, and provide dedicated guidance during the first few months to facilitate the transition. We'll assist in the system configuration process with our setup service.

We'll adjust the registration processes to the needs of your organization and show you how to get the most out of the platform.

In addition, if you have a database of athletes who have participated in previous competitions and you want to keep it, our team will carry out the entire data import and migration process.

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Without any commitment on your part, we will assess how we can help you with the needs of your federation
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