COVID-19 health checks

Administer, manage and monitor the COVID-19 health checks. Free for all LEVERADE customers for the duration of the pandemic
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For federation members and the public

At competitions, it is necessary to do a health check on both the federation staff and the public.

We offer you the tools to easily manage health checks on everyone who attends your competitions.

Easily control who accesses your venue or sports facility. Check if they have filled out your form and are fit to compete.

Statement of responsibility, locations visited and epidemiological status

Comply with all the requirements established by the Higher Sports Council, without the need to keep checking that participants have filled out all the documentation.

We store all the information so you can check each participant's answers at anytime.

Only the federation's administrative staff can consult the form, ensuring its privacy.

Digitize the health check

Go paper-free

Save your federation members, referees and clubs from having to fill out a document every week with all their consents.

Paper forms get lost easily and are difficult to store in an organized way for later reference.

Integration with the digital score sheet

It makes it easy for referees and adjudicators to know before each match or event which athletes have completed the health check and which have not.

Eliminate the need to send messages between parties, saving hundreds of hours in communication.

Identity documents and accreditations

If you want to increase control over attendees, ask them for their identity document and easily check its veracity. If there is a positive test case during the competition, you can avoid having to rush to check who was there and who needs to be contacted.

LEVERADE has an exclusive artificial intelligence system that assists you in the license validation process.

For all types of National Identity Document: DNI, NIE and passport, we achieve a 90% reduction in the time it takes to validate a license. We automatically find matches and mismatches between the identity document and the federation member's data.


Easily see who has completed the check and what their responses were.

Detailed reports and statistics from all your competitions.

Compatible with your current management system

We train all your administration staff, coaches and clubs. You don't need to change your management program. The LEVERADE COVID-19 health check module can be used independently from the rest of the management platform.

Immediate setup.

Contact us for help.

Talk to a product specialist

Without any commitment on your part, we'll assess how we can help you with the management of your health check-ups.
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